Parish Prayer Groups

Christian Meditation

This prayer group is supported and guided by the Australian Christian Meditation Community. The group meets to meditate according to the early Christian Tradition and by following the teachings of Fr John Main OSB.

Meeting Time:  Friday 9.30 am

Venue: Assumption Place

Lay Carmelites

This is a group of lay men and women who are part of the Carmelite Family and who seek to live out the Carmelite way of life in everyday life. The Lay Carmelite makes a commitment to cultivate a deeper interior life by practicing contemplative prayer and reflecting on the scriptures.

Meeting Time: Third Tuesday of each month.  9.30am

Venue: Assumption Place

Mothers Prayers

Mothers Prayers was founded by two grandmothers who felt called to pray for their children. This prayer group is for mothers who wish to pray together for their families and who wish to support each other in prayer.

Meeting Time:

Tuesday 6.00pm at Assumption Place

Thursday 9.30am  at St Marys Church

Fathers Prayers

Fathers Prayers arose out of mothers prayers. This prayer group is for men who wish to pray for their families and support each other.

Meeting Time: Tuesday 5.00pm

Venue: Assumption Place

Men Alive

Men Alive is a catholic ministry to men. Its purpose is to bring men together to renew their faith in God and to encourage them to become  a force for church renewal.

Meeting Time: Thursday 4.00

Venue: Assumption Place